Details of village adoption programme

Name of the villages adopted by PC and SMS in 2015-16 for its development and action plan

Name of PC/SMS Name of village Block Action taken for development
Dr. Nityanaand Bijjauli Deo, Aurangabad Training, FLD, OFT and clinical services
Dr. Rajeev Singh Parariya Deo, Aurangabad Training, OFT on Pigeon pea and maize , FLD on Lentil, chick pea, Paddy, IPNI trail, FLD on Toria, Til
Dr. B. K. Mandal Sankarpur Obra, Aurangabad The farmers of Adopted village Sankarpur has got the benefit of different hybrid seed of vegitables like tomato, brockli, coliflower and brinjal apart from this four farmer of this village received the fodder crop seed in kharif season while time to time technical support are also given to the farmers of the village.
Er. Ravi Ranjan Kumar Pema Madanpur, Aurangabad Use of Zero tillage and sprinkler irrigation in Rabi crops. Seed treatment awareness among the farmers. Demonstration of latest variety of lentil
Dr. Sunita Kumari Karma Rafiganj, Aurangabad Training on mashroom cultivation, Seed provided 12 farmers of button mashroom and oyster mashroom and time to time technical support.
Mr. Praveen Kumar Chichmi Obra, Aurangabad Training, FLD and OFT and use of ZTD machine in rabi crops